Pop Network

Enabling simple and powerful smart(er) contract development.


Allowing smart contracts to easily access use-case primitives curated for contract use.

DOT as Native Token

Streamlines the process for developers, reducing friction and confusion to deploying smart contracts on Polkadot.

Developer Driven

A focus on getting community feedback to shape Pop Network based on actual needs.

Simplified Cross-Chain Interactions

Making cross-chain interactions simple for smart contracts.

Async Contracts

New functionality to power asynchronous ink! contracts, enabling seamless cross-chain interactions that automatically reflect back to the contract.

Community Governance

Pop Network will decentralize its governance and treasury management to the community.

Want to learn more? Read the forum post and full technical document.

Pop Network is live on:


Pop Network is building out a programmable layer atop the infrastructure of the future web: Polkadot.



  • Async Contracts
  • Pop API
  • Onboarding UI
  • Paseo Deployment
  • Documentation
  • Audits

Building + Deploying

  • Cross-chain Use Cases
  • ISMP
  • Programmable DAO
  • Deployment UI
  • Documentation
  • Audits
  • Block Explorer
  • Polkadot Deployment

Cross-chain Expansion

  • Decentralized Identity Integrations
  • DeFi Integrations
  • Programmable AMM
  • Governance UI
  • Documentation
  • Audits

Cross-chain Expansion

  • Contract Maintenance Mode
  • dAppChains
  • dAppChain UI
  • Documentation
  • Audits

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